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Not only is the resolution very impressive, but the viewfinder optics give a viewfinder with magnification of up to 1.48x (depending on display mode), which puts it only a fraction behind the 0.76x viewfinder in Canon's 1D X and ahead of Nikon's pro-grade D4 DSLRs.There's also a more advanced 'True Pic VII' processor in the E-M1 that conducts a variety of lens corrections, when creating JPEGs, leading the company to proclaim the best image quality offered by one of its cameras.Not only can the E-M1 remove the colour fringing caused by lateral chromatic aberration, Olympus says that it also tunes its sharpening to take into account the lens's sharpness, and to combat any softening due to diffraction (particularly at very small apertures).The biggest difference between the E-M1 and the E-M5, though, is the degree of direct control on offer.Comparing my photos with those of friends taking the same shots at same location, my camera falls short.-- this camera has difficulty focussing in low contrast situations, because it relies heavily on contrast detection.-- there are not enough megapixels to get details as modern cameras do.16 megapixels does not get detail as 50 megapixel cameras do.But in principle, the on-sensor phase detection autofocus system should be much more effective than contrast detection when it comes to controlling Four Thirds lenses, all of which were primarily designed to be driven by phase detection-based systems.I just got this camera (used), and I love many things about it.

If I see an eagle and focus with continuous track, the camera cannot track the bird even if it flies right in front of my face.The phase-detection system is used when lenses from the original Four Thirds system, which were designed for use that way, are attached.With native, Micro Four Thirds lenses, the camera will mainly stick with the contrast detection system that has proved so fast and accurate on the E-M5.As such the E-M1 should be considered the successor to the E-5.We'll look at the performance of the camera with Four Thirds lenses in a little more depth later in this article.

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As such the two models will coexist, with the E-M1 sitting at the very top of Olympus's lineup.

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