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Getting Messy Using a pump sprayer, wet a 5-6 foot square section of popcorn being careful not to get too much water on the walls.

Wait a couple minutes before getting started to allow the water to soak into the textured ceiling.

All my wife and I can figure is that people must have thought this stuff was really groovy in the 70s to want to apply it to a bathroom and a kitchen.

I can just imagine how much cooking steam and pee vapors have been absorbed into those curds. As you can probably guess by now, Ames and I would eradicate the entire world of popcorn ceilings if we could.

Unless you have a large empty room with hard floors, there is no need for an “acoustic” ceiling…and in that case you should just buy a rug and some soft furniture and get over it.

Somehow though, this bumpy, crumbly, nasty substance was applied to every ceiling in the house we just bought.

We found that about 3 tight rolls will fit in a standard garbage bag.

For now though, we’re just planning on tackling the entire house.

We only moved in about two weeks ago, but we’ve already cleared the curds from the office, guest bedroom and our master bedroom.

Be sure to sand the entire surface, getting it as smooth as possible.

Once you’re done sanding (and the dust has settled), you’ll want to come back with joint compound and a putty knife to fill in any gouges, rough spots, and nail holes that might have opened up during the scraping and sanding.

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