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When batch updates are enabled, the Updated Row Source property value of the Data Adapter's should be set to None or Output Parameters. Insert Command = New Sql Command( _ "INSERT INTO Production. The data provider and the back-end database server determine which SQL constructs are supported for batch execution.When performing a batch update, the command's Updated Row Source property value of First Returned Record or Both is invalid. Product Category (Name) VALUES (@Name);", _ connection) adapter. An exception may be thrown if a non-supported statement is submitted for execution. 首先在初始化Gridview时候定义主键的数组。 Grid View Teacher Student. 在进行删除操作,或者对某行进行操作获得列中的值。 string student Id = Grid View Teacher Student. It provides the feature of reflecting the changes made to a Data Set or an instance of the SQL server data. The Command Builder opens the Connection associated with the Data Adapter Object and makes a round trip to the server each and every time and it's asked to construct the action queries.

You can create a Sql Command Builder object to automatically generate SQL statements for single table updates if you set the Select Command property of the Sql Data Adapter. Sql Data Adapter adapter = new Sql Data Adapter("your sql statement", connection); Sql Command Builder cmd Builder = new Sql Command Builder(adapter); adapter. When batch processing is enabled, multiple rows are updated in a single database operation. Row Updating is generated before the update occurs, and Row Updated is generated after the database update has been completed.Dim connection String As String = Get Connection String() ' Connect to the Adventure Works database. Using connection As New Sql Connection(connection String) ' Create a Sql Data Adapter.

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