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The patient was rushed to the operating room and ultimately survived.

The retrospective on the case was that the intern was not properly supervised and made errors of both omission (not recognizing the patient's anticoagulated state) and commission (taking out the catheter without proper guidance).

At one of my previous institutions, an intern confidently decided that she did not need help removing a large-sized catheter from a big vein in a patient's chest.

What other profession routinely kicks out a third of its seasoned work force and replaces it with brand new interns every year?

When my family wanted to hear about my first day of internship, I proudly related what I'd been through.

Their visceral reactions to the details told me that I'd crossed a line.

They tire of asking for help, not wanting to appear "weak" in the eyes of their seniors.

Not recognizing the limits of one's own knowledge can be a fatal flaw in this business.

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It was remarkable, not just seeing how dramatic her improvement was, but knowing that it was the direct result of my work.

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